Seed Vault / Fall 2017
Critic: David Moon


Rewilding refers to a process and ideology that believes in reintroducing specific species, animals and plants alike, to locations where ecosystems are falling apart because of direct and indirect human actions. I first came across the concept of rewilding while reading George Monbiot’s “Feral”. Monbiot stresses the importance of immediately stepping aside after the reintroducing of species and letting nature take its course.

A Ruin to Re-abandon

My project is located at the site of an abandoned lime stone factory in Oregon. The ruin represents a unique zone where neither human nor non-human worlds thrive.  The seed vault stands for the following:

To rewild an abandoned area in order to re-abandon anew.

Archigram’s plug-in concept + seed vault

Julie Mehretu’s organized chaos + seed vault

A Rewilded Map